Cell Phone Medic
Windham, Maine

Cellphone & Tablet Services You Can Trust

When it comes to your cell phone or tablet, we understand how important it is to keep it in the battlefield. Most repairs are same day service and we do the job right the first time, guaranteed! Our repair services are handled in-house by trained technicians and we handle it all; screen repairs, battery replacements, charge port replacements and data recovery.

We service and repair most popular brands and models, including Samsung Galaxys, Iphones, Ipads, Motorolas, Google Pixels, LGs and more!

Cell Phone & Tablet Screen Repairs

Does your device have battle scars? Your screen is the most delicate part of your device and once it cracks, it doesn’t work efficiently, if at all. We work on most popular brands. Most repairs are same day service but if your phone requires more TLC, we'll keep it until its done.

Accidents happen. When phone and tablets fall, their screens can break. Save a trip to the ER by purchasing our lifetime screen protector and insurance. Ask about our Protection Combos for more savings!

Battery Replacement

You can't risk your phone or tablet powering off during an inconvenient time. If your device keeps turning off randomly, bring it to Cell Phone Medic. We'll replace the battery for a reasonable price. Our technicians can work on most major models.

Charge Port Replacement

With as much as you use your phone, tablet, and other smart devices, you need to make sure you have enough plugs to charge them. If your charge port hasn't been performing properly, bring it to us. We can replace most models' charge port so you can keep your devices powered up. Our technicians will replace your charge port the same day you bring it in so you don't have to worry about your phone or tablet powering down.

Data Recovery – Don't Lose Vital Information

Did your phone take an unexpected swan dive? Bring it to Cell Phone Medic ASAP so you don't lose your information. We can usually recover data from your phone. You'll feel relieved once you see your contacts, pictures and other data you thought you lost!

We've seen it all and highly recommend you don't try recovering your data yourself by doing the following; putting your phone in rice, screaming at it, or waiting for it to work properly again! What you should do is turn it off and bring it to Cell Phone Medic. Rest assured, our technicians will get your data fully recovered in no time.